Motion Corporation
Developer Section
App Hello

Before you can create any motions, you need to create an MotionCorporation App. An App is essentially a container for motions.

Register as a Developer

Go to Click the Apps link. You will be asked to identify by logging in with your Google Account. Please note that Google only provides Motion Corporation with a unique user ID, so that we can figure out which applications are yours whenever you log in. Other login schemes will be supported.

Create an App

Supply a name for your App and click the "New App" button. This will create an App and take you to its info page. You are the App owner, and you will be the owner of all motions created within this App.

Apps are identified with an APPID. When you are want your web page to load your motions, you will need this APPID. Although the APPID is digits only, it should always be represented as a string to avoid rounding errors for large numbers in JavaScript.

Two Types of Motions

Currently, Apps distinguish two types of motions. global motions and user motions.

Create a Motion

Within the info page for your App, click the Add button to create new motions.

What's Next

Congratulations, you have made a motion. The next step is to bring it into your web application. See Motion Hello